Technology Evangelist - SUSE

Erin Quill is a Technology Evangelist for SUSE Linux with intensive knowledge in subjects ranging from open source innovation to digital identity and internet security. He has presented in over 40 countries as a SUSE Keynote speaker, trainer, and evangelist and has become famous for his boundless love and enthusiasm for all things tech. A passionate and enthusiastic speaker, Erin is best known for finding creative ways to make even the most difficult technical concepts both accessible and entertaining: Like his presentation of “Beer as a Service, or BaaS,” complete with free-flowing beer to demonstrate on-demand services. And—like the rock star he is—Erin has even destroyed computers on stage to demonstrate the need for Highly Available computing. Living in San Diego, Erin has mastered many impressive skills off the stage, from home automation to brewing his own signature beers. He’s an avid “boarder,” from skateboards to snowboards; a fanatic fan of classic punk rock; and an ardent fanatic of great beers. Erin is hard-wired for creativity, and that gift extends to his family: His wife is a talented graphic designer, while his sons are breaking ground early in life—one as a cinematographer and the other as a music producer.

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