Jurjen Lengkeek

As a student “Technische Bestuurskunde” at TU Delft, Jurjen was involved at YES!Delft; the incubator for High Tech Startups in Delft. In 2012 he founded his own incubator, RDM Makerspace, together with co-founder Vincent Wegener. This is a gym for makers. Makers, developers have access to machines, workspace and a network of makers. Together with partners, RDM Makerspace is active in four areas: 3D-printing, drones, robotica and Internet of Things.  Exactly one year ago, during IoT developer day 2015, RDM Makerspace and KPN launched the IoT Academy. The mission of the IoT Academy is to grow innovation in The Netherlands by stimulating Internet of Things. The first IoT lab in The Netherlands is based at the RDM Makerspace. Makers can create physical things at the Makerspace and connect them to the Internet in the IoT lab.

My Sessions