Marcus Biel

Director of Developer Experience @ Red Hat

Marcus works as Director of Developer Experience for Red Hat. He is a well-known software craftsman, Java influencer and Clean Code Evangelist. He is also a regular speaker at Java conferences all over the world, such as JBCN Conf Barcelona, JPoint Moscow and JAX London. Besides this, he works as a technical reviewer for renowned Java books such as Effective Java, Core Java SE 9 for the Impatient or Java by Comparison.

In 2015, Marcus started a Java blog and YouTube channel that makes Java accessible to passionate developers. There are many advanced tutorials that you can find online, but tutorials with a solid background like this one are rare. Marcus has become well-known in the Java community, with a total of 70 000 followers across various social media platforms. In 2017, the editorial team at http://jaxenter.com rated him #13 in their list of the world’s top Java influencers.

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