Prof. Dr. Michael J. Capone

Prof. Dr. Michael J Capone has 20 years experience in CRM as a business analyst, project manager, author and professor. As Program Manager for Customer Lifecycle Communications for the world´s largest loyalty marketing firm, Aimia, Capone managed CRM projects for global brands in the automotive, entertainment, consumer electronics, manufacturing and non-profit sectors. He earned his PhD in Consumer Behavior and was Professor of Marketing and CRM Strategy at SDSU, USD and UCSD from 2005-2011. His book “Tracks: A Blueprint for Customer Development” set the benchmark for customer-centric process design. Salesforce.com recognized Capone as “Academic Hero” in 2010 for his SFDC-based CRM curriculum and again in 2011 as “Nonprofit Hero” for his extensive work with non-profit organizations. Capone is a Research Fellow at the University of Hamburg where he is researches “Early Indicators of Customer Dissatisfaction” and Guest Professor at Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine. Capone´s research was recognized by Transfer Werbeforschung & Praxis as one of the 20 most important contributions to CRM in the past 30 years. Capone is a Principal Analyst at Capgemini, where he manages the IoT portfolio.


Internet-of-Things. “The value of data from connected devices is maximized when it is used to create a per-sonalized dialog with the customer.” Capone takes a practical approach to IoT by focusing on the use cases that deliver a measurable business impact. Capone designed the popular 5A Model, which serves as a framework for defining IoT architecture and assessing a company´s IoT maturity, and is co-owner of the pa-tented SmartPOS technology, an IoT solution for monitoring customer behavior during the discovery and eval-uation stages of the decision-making process.

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